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Home Buyers Prefer Buying Flats Near Schools and Good Connectivity

Property In Bhiwadi| Flats In Bhiwadi | Apartments In Bhiwadi

As the population is increasing in all the cities, there is hardly any time or love in people’s heart for traveling on the jam-packed roads especially when they are traveling to and from their schools. Therefore, people are seeking for homes that are just walking distance away from their child’s school. Most home-buyers of this target group are young parents or people who have nuclear families. It is also believed that having a house that is in the heart of the city or that is centrally located helps in improving the residents’ quality of life.  Bhiwadi is one such city in the Indian state of Rajasthan that is growing rapidly (Metro City )and best for such home-buyers, especially its Krish City, Krish Icon, and Krish Aura are surrounded by many ready to move-in properties with good schools in its vicinity. Also, there are some already existing well-reputed schools (City Public School Bhiwadi)and schools that are to be set up by Krish Group.


With safety becoming a major concern, people prefer buying homes that have schools in its vicinity so that they can pick and drop their youngsters without relying on the transport services offered by the schools like – City Public School Bhiwadi at Krish City.

Also, as schools encourage children to cheer up and engage themselves in extracurricular activities like singing, dancing, sports etc., having schools close to home make it easier for children to participate and for parents to commute.

Many times, when there are some events in the school, they prefer students who have their home settled within a certain area from school so they can come to school whenever asked. These were some of all the factors that influence the buying or renting of a house by families. As taking admission in any school takes a lot of time, people prefer buying property in an area that is surrounded by school (CITY PUBLIC SCHOOL BHIWADI).

Property In Bhiwadi| Flats In Bhiwadi | Apartments In Bhiwadi


Home buyers also prefer properties that include infrastructure and world-class amenities in its arena. All these factors will fetch a premium on the property and give a higher return on investment and rental values.

According to a survey, the occupancy level is generally higher in homes that are close to schools.


  • In perennial time-scarcity problem, working parents, particularly of the age group 30-40 years, consider that having schools near their house is of vital importance because of their busy schedules.
  • If there is a well-reputed school in the vicinity, the investors will get premium, higher return and rental values for their property.
  • Though schools offer bus services but safety has always been a major concern for all parents, therefore, they prefer schools that are near their home.


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