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Vastu Tips For Kitchen

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Kitchen is the major Section of the house which can be taken as the source for good health and being well of the members living in the house. In ancient times, cooking was done on open stoves and washing of utensils and preparation of food was all done outside. Hence Vastu guidelines were primarily based on Sun and Wind Directions. These guidelines includes proper location of the kitchen, direction and placement of doors and windows, placement of cooking gas, gas cylinder and many more.

The list provided below are the points that need to be considered while setting up the kitchen such as:

South-East corner is the best place for setting up of kitchen. And another alternative option can be North-West corner of the house. The South-East direction is taken as the best place for setting up kitchen because the element fire governs in the direction south-east. Cooking gas and stove should be placed at the South-East direction so that the person who is cooking should face towards east only. The place for Tap and Sink should be away from cooking range as fire and water repel each other and perfect place is North-East direction. Refrigerator and Electronics goods should be place in South-East direction and a foot away from the corner. The color of floor and walls should be green, yellow, orange, rose, chocolate or red. It should not be black as far as possible. Some of the best choices for kitchen flooring are Ceramic tiles, mosaic and marble. Ceramic tiles are commonly opted as it is impermeable, hard and scratch resistant.

The kitchen must never be placed below the bathroom or toilet. Even the kitchen should never share a common wall with the bathroom or toilet


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