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Whenever we think about buying a house of our dreams, the sole thought that crosses our mind is a huge amount of money. But no worries at all as this huge amount today may get arranged simply through banks in form of home loan. Numerous of non-public and public sector banks have started the trend of providing home loans in association with builders to provide ease of buying a property for different buyers. This has been an excellent boon for several people.
Although, obtaining a loan today isn’t at all that simple that it seems as it involves various kind of formalities and documentation processes, because the loaner/bank needs to have a strict check on the documents submitted by a buyer and other terms and policies required in the process of approving loan. So this method of obtaining an approval from the bank may be a terribly tedious method as it may consume a time lap of number of days. Many times, therefore it happens that people lose their desire of property because of the long waiting time demanded by the bank in assessing and approving for process a loan request.
So here in Krish Group we try to provide support and assistance to our property buyers either business class or service class or even to NRIs, by helping them to understand the process of loan and collecting required documents demanded by bank while submitting the loan request in a much easier manner with our in house loan expert team. Our team guides our buyers about various facts related to loan like down payment amount, EMI, Tax benefit information etc. Our team also performs first level of documents verification which buyer goes to submit to the bank to get the approval of loan faster.
This assistance provides ease to buyers and get them relieved from various long waiting queues and time eating visits to bank thus, making them hassle free.


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