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Why is Green Homes The New Trend In Indian Real Estate

Why is green homes the new trend in Indian real estate

“Real estate is an imperishable asset ever increasing in value. It is the most solid security that human ingenuity has devised .It is the basis of all security and about the only indestructible security “ attributed to real estate market by Russell Sage. Climate change is fast occurring due to global warming and human activities. One of the severe impact of climate change is air getting warmer day by day- summer arrives shortly in most of continents especially Indian subcontinent. High levels of carbon-dioxide created due to increased energy consumption are pre-occupied by oceans destroying sea life. In addition to building industry contributes to second largest amount of demolition waste and 40% of green house gases generation. Hence, use of renewable an eco-friendly source of energy is solution of all such ill effects. “Go Green” is moto for today’s world. Term signifies taking steps to conserve energy, reduce pollution and save money. There are vast array of products zero-in green living that’s make life simple and easy. Adopting energy efficient light bulbs, organic food and natural cleaning goods green options are ubiquitously followed.

Likewise, real estate sector are adopting green building notion and architectural planning directing towards most advantageous use of power and water preserval, energy efficient transport system, treating and recycling solid waste etc. On the assumption building in urban areas go down the line for green concept it can save nations large 8400MW of power which can be alternatively used. Green building leads to less use of non-renewable resources and best use of renewal resources. Contrary to concrete making materials, release of carbon-dioxide largely attributed to cement production there upon we need to reduce concrete consumption.

Thus, real estate developers are opting for sustainable development that meets the needs of present without compromising the needs of future generations. An environment friendly homes reduces incurred cost to large extent. Upcoming trend of green homes is new to Indian real estate.

Term green homes is a type of house designed to be eco friendly and sustainable focusing on efficient use of energy, water and building materials.

Key features are-

1 : – Strategy for green homes are to be healthier and enjoyable environment.

2 : – Less energy and water consumption by facilitating more efficient water delivery and recycling system.

3 : – solar panels directing to optimum use of BP solar power generation system that transforms sunshine into usable household energy.

4 : –  Application of standard appliances accruing in generating less energy bill and are eco- friendly.

5 : – Double panel windows or low emittance windows provides thermal comfort and better ventilation.

6 : – Building material from sustainable forests. Making homes by adopting building materials from forests that are continuously renewed thus protecting world for future genre.

7 : – Proper passage for ventilation. New technology fresh air ventilation systems make better indoor air quality by filtering air and venting out carbon dioxide.

8 : – Satellite controlled sprinkler systems which allows you to save water apart efficiently watering lawns by using satellites keeping surrounding clean and green and keeping you informed about local weather conditions.

Buyers investment in green homes bring forth good profit as its driven by cost saving ,state governments incentives offers and large number of developers are now greening their residential projects. Benefits for buyers-

Better resale value-Application of durable materials last long time, sustainable and saves maintenance cost. Green homes provide long term savings due to cheaper utility bills providing home value will be higher due to eco friendly nature.

Health benefits – Usage of non toxic materials , best ventilation systems circulating fresh air indoors thus building a conducive indoor environment.

Environment impact -Natural environment positively impact one’s psyche. Recyclability of materials lessens negative effect on surroundings thus saving money on construction reducing operational cost to large extent.

Green homes pave way for panoramic views , noise control, excellent air quality and abundant of natural light which is boon for residents making better place to live in . To conclude ,go for green homes as owing home is keystone to wealth both financial affluence and emotional security.


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