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What should we do before rent out Apartment ?

Apartment In Bhiwadi

Property Investor always looking for good return of investment through property. There are 2 ways to get sure profitable return firstly buying property in location where development ratio is too high and Secondly – Get Regular return of Investment in form of  Rental Property.

We always a fever in our mind that renting the property , though like how other person handling your property. We always have the example one of friends who give his\her property in rent but after lease period was over , person refuse to vacate the property.

These are few point have to done while giving your property on Rent :


Property Agent/Broker : We can involving a third person, he will be responsible  for rental person and if rent person refuse to vacate the property then he will help us.

Background Checking : Before give your property to any third person on rent. The police Verification is important and safe mode let police verified the all documents and helpful to verifying that person don’t have any criminal activities in his past.

we can take reference from previous landlord that will be help you to know about about the nature of person , Honesty, trustable, behaviour with other people near around them. It will also give us reference of Rental Charges.

Bank Statements : If person is ready to show his Bank Statement then you can get assured about that person is able to pay rent or not. Bank Statement give us idea about monthly income and monthly expense.

we can also say letter that mention date of joining in current company, type of employment Contract. It safe side to verified the details of  workplace on provided letter.

if your rent to student then always ask for parents number for emergency contact.

Short Duration Renewals : For the safety reason , we can provide your property on rent . Initial we can have renew it for Only 12 Months. Sign a short rent agreement. If you wish you can go head, everything is fine.

Legal Documentation : Every Rental Agreement should writing and cover the term of lease , security amount have to pay and  Monthly Rental. Who is going to pay bill like Electricity bill, Water Utilities Bill , Maintain Bill

These are following document required while providing your property on rent : copy of the lease agreement, proof of his identification, address proof, occupation/service proof and PAN card.

Bhiwadi Residential property showing that guarantee  return of Investment in form of rental when Delhi , Gurgaon Property Investor Invest in property of Bhiwadi and get regular rental income through bhiwadi property. In Bhiwadi, 2 Bhk Apartment in bhiwadi get Approx Rs 6000 monthly rental exclude the Maintain fee and other security charges


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