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What do you prefer? A Builder Floor or a Multi story Apartment?

A Builder Floor or a Multistory Apartment

Residential Property- Property which is a region for single or multi family homes, apartments, town houses, condominiums, and/or a cooperative society, shop, business, or farm.

What is Builder Floor Apartment?

A builder floor apartment is a independent residential unit in a low-rise building that has a few other flats. The number of floors is generally two-four. Such a floor can be developed by the builder on its own or in collaboration with the land owner.

What is Multi story Apartment?

Multi story structures have several stories and can go up to any number of floors relying upon the design arrangement. Multi story apartment offer more facilities and better security, when contrasted with builder floor apartment. It refers to an apartment/flat where you might have to share the floor with other apartments and usually the complex will have high rise structure.

What do you prefer? A Builder Floor or a Multi story Apartment?

Choosing between a builder floor or multi story Apartment is a matter of individual decision. Both have their advantage and disadvantage.

  • Opt for Builder Floor, in the event that you need more autonomy, more space and on the off chance that you would prefer not to pay mandatory month to month upkeep charges.
  • Opt for Multi story Apartment, in the event that you need a secured situation, group living and more offices for your gang.


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