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Vastu Shastra: Few Tips to Buy New Flat

For longevity of life, people needs few essential things; food, air and shelter. And while constructing a shelter, you need to keep eyes open on few things according to Vastu Shastra such as.

Living Room/Bedroom:

Living room is the area, where you take a rest and break from the stress. This is the room that gives power to have a soundless sleep and refresh you for next day. Nearly one third part of our life your life goes in sleeping, and if the living room is designed in accordance to Vastu Shastra principles will take care of your life.

Optimal Location

  • For master bedroom is in South, South-west.
  • For children’s bedroom is in East or West side.
  • For guest bedroom is in North-West side.

Puja Room / Mandir:

This room should be planed carefully because when you do meditation you should gain the positive energies and then you can feel charged. This puja room is a place of serenity where you can connect to the positive vibes in the atmosphere- GOD, whose presence within us to guide us right paths in our life.  Optimal Location for Puja room should always be in the North-East corner.

Living Room Color:

The colors in the living room should always be bright colors which increase the positivity of the flat. It makes you feel alive every day. The colors in the living room can be blue, white, yellow or green. Avoid black and dark colors in the living room.

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Vastu Shastra: Few Tips to Buy New Flat

Living Room Light:

Lit the light in the living area brightly with soothing light. And always keep on mind every room should have windows so that on day time natural light from sun can enter and create pleasant mood.  Windows in east and north are beneficial.

Entrance door:

The entrance door of a flat must open inside for positive vibes. Above the entrance door photographs of deities should not be placed. Only one photograph or painting of lord Ganesha should be placed on the outer side of the entrance door. West entrance for living room is good for scholars and researchers. Entrance of living room from North brings lots of wealth and health for entire family.

Sofa Seating:

The seating arrangement of the living room should be south west and the head of the family should always seated in the South-Western corner of the room. And seating of guest must be South-West or North-West direction.


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