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Project Delivery At The Right Time

Krish Group Timely Delivered

Progressing delay possessing the house is one of the worst nightmares of a purchaser, however imagine a scenario if it really comes true?

As disturbing as it sounds, it is a significant basic situation nowadays, given the working capital crunch which developers face. These delays can happen because of the following reasons: Pending civil endorsements or question Working capital crunch – The developer has gone out of funds (and property is not selling) and the bank is declining to support the project.

Whatever the reason may be, this deferral not just aims an immediate loss of cash to the purchaser additionally make him feel discouraged and frustrated. This ongoing delay also makes it impossible to plan for the future and increases other costs. For example, if you are staying in a leased property, you have to pay the rent and in addition the EMI for the loan taken for the new house. It can bring about a noteworthy strain on your accounts furthermore put you through mental anxiety. But you should remember that even at this point all is not lost.

Krish Group today possesses a prestigious position in real estate industry for development of brilliant residential and commercial edifices in Bhiwadi. Krish Group is well known for their timely delivery of projects and made a bench mark in the industry.

The group has already delivered its few well-known projects Krish Vatika – I & II, Krish City – I & II and Krish Mall on and before committed time, and also achieved a record of selling 750 units in 7 days for its project Krish Aura which has changed the buyer’s attitude and perception towards quality, timeliness and thus touched their lives.

So, they are thus following their core value : *Deliver once Committed *Put Our Soul too


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